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Read the pilot post here

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Things that actually work, and nothing else.

Thinking I might get a few more Zs after Ryan went to work this morning (at 5:50), I laid down and tried to clear my mind of everything important (and meaningless) that might rob me of my precious snooze time. But, instead of falling into a dreamy state, I had the idea to start this blog. And then of course, there was no sleeping.

And the inspiration went something like this: Spending many smartphone-less hours in OB waiting rooms throughout the years, I had no choice but to read the magazines provided. If you are familiar with these parenting magazines, you will agree that they are full of advertisements, and a few "good ideas" for parents. What I found amusing, if not insulting, was how ridiculous some of the advice really was. I don't believe anyone, including the articles' authors, was actually putting into practice (for longer than a week) the helps they were offering. And if they were, it was because they didn't actually have any children. Shhh.

Lucky for me, I have REAL people in my life to give me advice, so I don't put a lot of stock in the magazine variety. Like most parents, I am desperate to accomplish the goals I have for my family, and I put good advice to use. My children, who I adore, are the unwitting guinea pigs in my learning-to-mother lab. Fortunately, they're pretty patient with me and even more fortunately, I'm pretty patient with them. ;)

I think it likely this blog will evolve, but for now, it's a place for me write up ideas that I have used in my family to help my children and myself improve in various ways. But watch out, because we aren't even close to perfect around here. So use my advice at your own risk, or be amused by it. It's your choice! :)

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